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Logo & Artwork Guidelines

You may submit logo art to use in the forms you design on our website.  Your Artwork must be submitted within certain resolution and file type guidelines listed below.  In order to retain the highest quality printing, all logos are reviewed and prepared for you to use in any of your forms.  After preparation your logo will be placed in your Logo Library in the My Account section of the site.  This secure area is viewable only to you once you have logged in.

How to submit logo artwork to the site

Email your logo to your Customer Service Representative who will have your logo prepared and uploaded onto the web for you to use with any of your forms designs.  

How to use your logo in your forms design

Most of the forms in our library are able to use logos.  As you add your company information to your form there is a tab for logos which will enable you to place your logo onto your form. 

Important notice about logo colors

If your logo is designed in your company colors those will be the colors you may use to design your forms.  Speak with your Customer Service Representative about your choices of logo colors.

Artwork Clean or Rebuild Service

CFI offers Graphics Services to clean up or rebuild your artwork if it is not available in an acceptable file format or resolution for lithographic printing.  Your high-resolution artwork is generally available from your marketing department or web design services in an electronic file that can be emailed to us and prepared for your form at no charge.  If that is not available CFI will help clean or rebuild your artwork for a one-time Artwork Cleanup service fee of $65.  All other Graphics Services are billable at $85.00 per hour with a $42.50.00 minimum charge (30 minutes).

  • One time Artwork Cleanup service: $65.00
  • Graphics Services hourly rate:  $85.00
  • Minimum charge - $42.50 (30 minutes)


Example of a 300 DPI or better logo

Artwork Requirements for artwork submission

  • Resolution - Minimum resolution of any file is 300 dpi
  • Software File Types
    • Quark
    • Adobe InDesign 
    • Photoshop
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Adobe PDF*
  • Acceptable File Extension Types (all must have a minimum resolution of 300dpi)
    • EPS (encapsulated postscript file)
    • TIF (tagged image file)
    • JPG (joint photographic experts group)
    • PDF*
  • Unacceptable File Extension Types
    • GIF files – are normally on a web site and very low resolution
    • DOC or DOCX files – Microsoft Word files
    • XLS or XLSX – Microsoft Excel files
    • PUB – Microsoft Publisher files
    • PRN (old DOS command) – in binary code which is unreadable by graphics programs

* PDF Files – PDF files, when produced correctly are acceptable for submission of logo artwork.  In general the artwork must be a minimum of 300 dpi before turning into a PDF file.  When preparing a PDF file for artwork submission please follow these guidelines:

  • Must be high resolution art files saved in PDF format
  • Minimum 300 dpi
  • Do not used scanned art and to turn into a PDF file, the PDF will be no better than the original scanned art