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Check Security

Should your company be concerned about check fraud?

Identity theft and fraud are continuing problems.  Keeping your company’s assets safe is your prime consideration.  We will supply checks that include a minimum of eight (up to ten are available) different security features, however, this is only one part of an effective security strategy.  Here are a few guidelines that will help setup an effective strategy.

What are the main fraud techniques?

Forgery – Altering existing documents
Counterfeiting – Creating duplicate checks
Account Number Theft – Using a live account number on normal appearing checks or electronic transactions

How can you protect from identity theft and fraud?

Forgery and Counterfeiting – Your company can be liable for check fraud loss if you don’t exercise “ordinary care and due diligence” in document protection.  Forgers and counterfeiters look for documents that will be easy to modify or duplicate so your best protection is to use secure documents and keep your documents in secure environments.

Purchase negotiable documents that include security features such as:

  • Colored background
  • Void background to help deter copying and scanning
  • Endorsement backers
  • Microprint sig lines or borders – a microprint line is made from tiny characters that form a line and can be discerned by the naked eye; microprint lines cannot be copied or scanned
  • Security Endorsement on the back of the document naming the security features
  • Security paper – There are various features built into the paper such as Chemical Reactant that shows brown when solvents are used to forge documents

Account Number Theft – Protecting your company from account number and identity theft can be accomplished by common sense security measures to keep your documents and account numbers safe.

  • Treat your checks like cash, don’t leave them unattended
  • Use security envelopes when mailing checks
  • Purchase your checks from vendors who can be trusted to keep your important numbers safe
  • Don’t email account numbers or important financial numbers – use secure web sites and if necessary a fax message is safer than an email

Built-In Security Features on Our Checks

We are always testing our existing security features and looking for new features to improve your safety using our checks.  Our Value Line of checks contain eight security features and the Premium can include two additional features at your request (no additional charge). 

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